Genesis of GP: interview with co-founder Jerry Skees

Co-founder Jerry Skees discusses how his development experience helped get Global Parametrics off the ground. In the interview with Eastern Standard’s Tom Martin, on WEKU, he touches on how his agricultural background led to opportunities traversing many corners of the world. This brought the “link between development, poverty and natural disasters into a much larger story for me to understand the economics of disasters and how it impacts the poor the most.”


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Before the Impact

Having a reliable way to understand the impact of an event, prior to it occurring, is a game changer for building resilience to extreme weather and natural disasters. In April’s The Actuary Magazine, Jerry Skees and Alin Radu discuss the value of Parametric Forecast Indices, and give an in-depth look at Global Parametrics’ B-Ready program, where we developed a disaster risk financing product with Oxfam and Plan International in the Philippines.

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Climate disaster relief for sustainable resilience

Our Head of Innovation, Toby Behrmann spoke at the European Microfinance week on a panel titled ‘climate disaster relief for sustainable resilience’. Along with other industry experts, Toby discussed how parametrics contribute to smart decisions around climate disasters, allowing programmes to anticipate needs before disaster strikes and act swiftly when support is needed most.

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Germany follows UK to launch €25M climate disaster insurance fund

BMZ has committed 25m to a new capital pool that builds on a model already established by the UK. Beginning at the start of the year, that money can be used to underwrite risk-transfer instruments that speed up recovery payouts when disasters strike or that offer a financial safeguard to agencies looking to increase their programs across the developing world.

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B-Ready Project – promoting disaster resilience in the Philippines

Global Parametrics have partnered with Oxfam Philippines and Plan International to launch the B-Ready Project, which aims to promote disaster resilience for the most vulnerable, the elderly, women and children living in low-resource communities in the Philippines.