We believe that economic resilience to
climate change and natural disasters
is essential to protect livelihoods and
develop thriving global communities.

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Working in challenging geographies to mitigate the economic effects of extreme climate and natural disasters has meant we have learned to think about risk differently.

Climate Technology

Global Parametrics is pioneering the use of global data sets to create indices that enable risk transfer products to be structured and scaled rapidly anywhere in the world.

Our parametric products mitigate risk by triggering pre-agreed payments on specific natural events such as tropical cyclones, earthquakes or flood. Communities and businesses can get back on their feet faster, building economic resilience.

Impact Focused

We have development in our DNA. Our mission is to build economic resilience by extending protection to vulnerable markets and communities.

Our provenance makes us great connectors. We bring together unique partners from the public, private and third sectors who, like us are focused on creating positive impact.


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Our team manages the Natural Disaster Fund (NDF), a blend of public and private capital, which provides the backing for our own innovative products and allows us to operate anywhere in the world, supporting the most vulnerable and catalysing new markets

Key Supporters

Global Parametrics is supported by leading institutions in the public and private sector. The first seed investments were provided by KfW’s InsuResilience Investment Fund and the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.