Global Parametricsis a unique public-private partnership addressing the barriers to effective natural disaster risk management.

We target markets where the opportunity for impact is greatest, making vulnerable communities in emerging economies a clear priority. 

We are a mission driven company striving to achieve high social impact in a commercially sustainable manner.

We believe that long-term thinking is critical to these goals and seek clients and partners that share our vision for systemic change.

GP’s impact framework targets three core outcomes and utilizes a range of metrics to measure our impact around:

Improved resilience planning

Continuity of post-disaster service

Access to capital

We have also identified the three UN Sustainable Development Goals that we believe are most aligned with our work:

Improved resilience planning

Firms, governments, NGOs and the people they serve gain access to climate data facilitating greater understanding, management and mitigation of their exposure to major climate and natural disaster risks.



Continuity of service post-disaster

Through well-placed risk management solutions, businesses, governments and NGOs are able to keep operations and services running post-disaster. This continuity helps to ensure that employees, borrowers, customers and citizens can also better weather these shocks.


Access to capital

Improved risk management practices can facilitate the flow of international and domestic capital in the form of debt and equity for businesses and other institutions both large and small. These improved practices should also reduce the volatility and overall cost of capital for local businesses and other institutions unlocking more efficient means to invest and grow.