We are global experts in natural disaster
risk mitigation & financial resilience
in emerging economies

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We supply market-leading geophysical data and create innovative financial products


Our risk hazard platform offers global coverage models, applying proprietary algorithms to harness and enhance 60+ years of big science and seismic data to create ‘virtual weather stations’ for any region on Earth. We use these data sets to analyse risk exposure and structure financial risk transfer solutions. 


Global Parametrics provides the much needed information and financial tools so that communities can respond and recover quickly in the face of disasters. This ultimately leads to more resilient businesses, communities and households. Longer term benefits include poverty reduction and social empowerment, leading to sustained economic and social development.


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Our advanced model uses proprietary algorithms to harness and enhance 60+ years of big science and seismic data

About us

Launched in July of 2016, Global Parametrics brought together experts in alternative risk transfer, emerging market finance, climate & seismic modelling, asset management, startups and public-private partnerships.

Most team members have extensive experience in developing countries and have seen first hand the devastation that natural disasters bring to already vulnerable communities.


We are a group of people working together with one goal in mind – impact through innovation. If you feel you are excited by our mission, and feel you have something to contribute, please send your CV to: 


Key Supporters

Global Parametrics is supported by leading players in the public and private sector. The first seed investments were provided by KfW’s InsuResilience Investment Fund and the UK’s Department for International Development.