• An innovative social enterprise

    Building markets for natural disaster risk management in low & middle income countries

  • What We Do

    Global Parametrics is a commercial, social venture seeking to catalyze the development of markets for Financial Disaster Risk Management (FDRM) solutions in low and middle income countries to benefit poor and vulnerable populations.


    FDRM solutions are comprehensive packages providing an optimized financial response to and management of weather and seismic disaster events. An FDRM offering goes beyond an insurance product by incorporating a set of tailored tools and products that blend risk analysis, risk retention and risk transfer to ensure a cost-efficient, highly effective end-to-end solution.


    Blending top-notch climate and seismic science, novel risk structuring techniques and patient risk capital, Global Parametrics will offer first-of-their-kind products and services for natural disaster risk management in low and middle income countries

  • Who We Are

    Hector Ibarra

    Chief Executive Officer

    Hector has over 15 years experience driving innovation in the financial industry for multilateral agencies, financial intermediaries and national/regional governments. While working at the World Bank he designed and placed over $1 billion in weather risk transfer in low and middle income countries. Hector joined the World Bank from the private sector where he was Assistant VP for Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) at PartnerRe. While at PartnerRe he originated parametric risk transfer products and supported the ILS portfolio manager to oversee a portfolio of $400M.

    Jerry Skees

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Jerry is the visionary behind Global Parametrics. He has over 30 years experience working on innovative risk transfer solutions for weather and seismic exposures. With a distinguished career at the University of Kentucky, Jerry and his previous firm, GlobalAgRisk, have been on the forefront of many important projects in low and middle income countries across the world. Jerry's accomplishments include the globally acclaimed Index-Based Livestock Insurance Program in Mongolia, providing core research in Ethiopia, which ultimately seeded the African Risk Capacity facility, and developing the world’s first regulated insurance product in Peru that pays before a disaster, coined forecast insurance.

    Susan Forester

    Chief Operating Officer

    Bringing more than 15 years of financial sector business experience, Susan will play a central role in establishing the operational scaffolding to grow GP’s business. Most recently employed in a strategy and planning role with the CDC Group in London, the UK government’s 100%-owned development financial institution, Susan also brings deep knowledge of the development finance world to Global Parametric’s management team. Susan previously worked as CAO for Lehman’s Structured Solutions Group, as a project manager for the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in Tokyo and in equity research for Salomon Smith Barney.

    Dan Bierenbaum

    Vice President

    Dan is a co-founder of Global Parametrics alongside Jerry and plays a leading role within the company's product design and structuring activities for clients. Dan brings over 10 years of experience working in financial services in low and middle income countries to facilitate economic growth through foreign investment and the development of local financial market infrastructure. Dan has extensive experience with start-ups through his own ventures in Haiti, Mongolia and Burkina Faso as well as his previous role within the University of Virginia's entrepreneurship center.

  • Key Supporters

    Global Parametrics is supported by leading players in the public and private sector. The first seed investments were provided by KfW's InsuResilience Investment Fund and the UK's Department for International Development.

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  • Careers

    We are always looking for individuals who have an interest in using the latest developments in climate science, big data and financial instruments to re-think climate risk and deploy these products into the developing world.


    We are a group of people working together with one goal in mind - impact through innovation. If you are excited by our mission, and feel you have something to contribute - be it technology, financial know-how, distribution or just ideas, please send your CV to careers@globalparametrics.com


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    Please don't hesitate reach out to us for any inquiries or collaboration requests.



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