Our innovative public-private approach secures early access to capital and timely financing when disaster strikes. We design and deploy structured financial solutions for institutional clients in emerging markets. The provision of these services contributes to a virtuous circle of more resilient businesses, communities and economies.


Timely access to capital and credit is essential for businesses to survive and recover from natural disasters. Until now, lack of access to meaningful risk data and risk transfer options has held back urgently needed financial innovation. Our “fintech” approach mobilises big data and new flows of global capital in emerging economies to deliver results aligned with the globally-recognised UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Value proposition

We engage with like-minded partners, offering a flexible, easy-to-integrate global platform that provides innovative technology and financial solutions. What sets GP apart?


Committed to making humanitarian and social impact, particularly through financial inclusion


GP's founding shareholders are the UK government's DFID and the German government's KfW, via the InsuResilience Investment Fund. Risk transfer backed by long-term, fully collateralized capital provided by DFID to the Natural Disaster Fund


Science driven, proprietary global data, analytics & structuring platform. Deep market-tested risk modelling expertise


GP has unmatched climate and seismic-based datasets and analytics, enables us to build fully customised weather and seismic risk assessments and parametrics hedges


Pioneering, cross-disciplinary team with decades of specialist experience in geophysics, development economics, modelling, financial structuring, risk transfer and emerging markets

Global Expertise

We are global experts in natural disaster risk mitigation and financial resilience in emerging economies. We harness advances in climate and seismic science, risk management and financial engineering to boost economic and social resilience to natural disasters in developing countries.